Jimmy Rig

Today we made an at home light box, I saw the idea on Pinterest (um, hello new addiction!) and was dying for a light box of my own! I am pretty happy with how the results turned out, now just to tinker around with it and some camera settings and hopefully I can redo all of my Etsy pictures soon.


Fuzz Life

I had to take apart some of my sewing machine to go on a fuzz hunting expedition recently. There was so much fuzz from fabric and thread inside the machine it was making for some squeaky times trying to sew. I am glad I decided just to try this on my own instead of taking it in because I ended up learning more about my machine. Just needed a screwdriver, a small tooth brush, some tweezers, and some paper towel. After a lot of fuzz and dust bunnies it’s clean as a whistle and runs like a brand new machine again!

Take A Chill Pill

I am so super happy that my new Chill Pills are up on Etsy. I have been tweaking this pattern for months now and am so glad that I got it exactly where I wanted it and that I am so in love with the result.

Chill Pills

Also love hearing all the love for the new website, it’s always amazing to hear praise for something that you worked really hard on. All in all a fantastic experience moving everything over and so glad that it’s done!

Out With The Old

And in with the new!  The new Plush Off website is almost done and I am just so super excited with how amazing it looks!  The old website was very in tune with where I was with my business 2 years ago, but now the fresh, clean, streamlined site is so where I am now, and where Plush Off is headed.  I hope everyone likes it because it’s a new chapter and it’s here to stay.