What Can I Say?

Other than I am a horrible blogger

? I cannot seem to do this very well, or very easily for that matter, cheapest levitra too) they can offer him. As you may not know, though I know most of

you do, E.

has Autism; PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Buy lotensin online Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified) cheap levitra online specifically, so he will need an aide in his class to help him. Though Propecia Online his speech has come leaps and bounds he is still very behind where he should

be at his age. I keep hoping for a full time aide, but I guess we shall see.

Lots of ampicillin online new plush have come to light since I last wrote, but for today, I 424 buy viagra will just share some super sweet peas with you!

zithromax order Peas in a Pod by plushoff, on Flickr”>buy cialis canadian height=”411″ alt=”Two Peas in a Pod” />

Warm & Cozy

This weekend is the Craft A Fair buy generic zithromax in Kamloops (Sunday, order viagra | buy cialis prescription | order levitra online November 7th, order online levitra 10 until 4). I have never done this show before so

I am really excited!

It’s a very big show and very cheapest generic levitra online Christmasy!

At the beginning of October was the 2nd Kamloops Children’s Expo. It was an awesome time mobic and my table buy viagra in san diego Buy Lasix Online was voted to be the nicest by all the other vendors. I felt super honored and really proud.

I have been sewing and crafting like mad lately.

Lots of ornaments, bean bag sets and new plush all the time.

One new thing is the super sweet mug of tea!

how do i buy viagra online It makes me feel uber warm and cozy.

acomplia prices alt=”Mug Of Tea” />

Bring On The Pickle

I adore dill pickles.

I could eat them each Brand Levitra Online and every day

and often times I have.

So cheap levitra online when I was contacted to do a buy online cialis clomid pct custom dill pickle I was elated.

how do i buy viagra online | buy cialis canadian | cheap levitra generic This dill pickl q buy cialis online went to a new home and very very soon dill buy viagra alternative | how to buy cialis online | cheap levitra online vardenafil pickles will be available in my Etsy shop permanently!

how to buy viagra without prescription | buy cialis where can buy viagra line | generic levitra online Buy indocin Pickle by plushoff, on Flickr”>Dill Pickle

Long Time No Blog

I have an issue… I know I do, and yet I cannot seem to shake it. I need to go to NBPA (Non Blog Posters Anonymous), as I apparently have a big issue with trying diflucan cheap levitra online to stick 424 buy viagra | where to buy cialis without prescription | order online levitra to blogging and maintaining it.

I guess life just consistently gets in the way.

Things have been very busy in plush land. Lots of sewing and the making of new

and old things. Also new craft shows keep popping up and I

keep signing up too. I did the Kamloops Childrens Expo at the end of March and will kamagra cheapest be at Got Craft on May 2nd in Vancouver. Very excited to do my first out of town show, and it will also be the

first time I spend a night away from Ethan!

He is almost 4 years old and I have spent every single night with him, and actually can count on both hands the number of times I have even spent a few hours away from him. Can you say awesome mommy and son bond?

Spring is also upon us in full force!

buy where to buy cialis buy cialis pill online viagra | where buy cialis | cheapest generic levitra online With greenery and blue skies and birds chirping everyday. It’s wonderful to look at. Hopefully in the next few months Mr.

Plush and I will start looking for a new place, one with a yard and a bigger kitchen; so more baking and outdoor time can ensue.

I will Buy Cipro Online leave with buy diet pill online the hopes of seeing you very soon. I hope to try and blog more; hopefully just adding it into my daily schedule will help me do so!

Down With The Sickness…

The order viagra Plush Off house has been hit by the flu!

Both I am Ethan are sick, with Mr.

Levaquin Online Plush to surely get it soon.

Our days have been spent curled up cuddling in blankies and watching movies (mostly Pixar ones, I tend to lose to the kidlet); while I sip tea, and Ethan drinks apple juice.

I am trying to work on a custom plush planet so

I can have it done for this weekend, but sewing and head colds tend not to mix very well together.

Every time I sit down at the machine buy buy generic acomplia cialis tadalafil at horizon drugs my head feels like buy zithromax online it grows to ten times

it regular size, so I only do a few inches of sewing at a time.

Even at this rate it should be done by Saturday, with buy cialis micronase phentermine pictures to buy sildenafil citrate cheap brand viagra | buy cialis today | cheapest levitra follow on Sunday.

Now to find where my orange pekoe went…

Cuteness A Go Go

levitra online alt=”Oh So Cute by Buy VPXL Online fluoxetine Not Your Typical Leo ” title=”Oh penicillin ampicillin So Cute by Not Your Typical Leo ” width=”500″ height=”310″ class=”alignnone where do you buy viagra size-full wp-image-41″ how to buy cialis online />
Oh kamagra oral So Cute by Not Your Typical Leo

Lucky Star Bits by Katpster
where buy cialis href=http://www.flickr.com/photos/katpster/2264118682/”>Lucky Star Bits by Katpster

These two pictures caught my eye today and I couldn’t help but share them.

Tomorrow I am off to the fabric store to find some order levitra online fun fabric for a very custom plush that I am very excited to work on!

Covetables – joojoo

On Sund ays I

am going to blog about what a covet.

It gives my mind a day off, and it lets buy viagra online me show what awesome things I buy Buy betapace online clomid online come across on

a daily basis!

Today my Covetables is about where do you buy viagra | buy cialis phentermine | cheap levitra online joojoo on Etsy!! Joojoo is a small print shop from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (YAY for Canada!), and has super

super cute prints that I want badly!

Here buy buy cheap cheap levitra levitra is Love is in the air:

And viagra purchase | buy cialis daily use | low price levitra how cute is I buy viagra online discount love my coffee break:

I think joojoo prints Cialis Professional Online would make for a super sweet addition buy viagra cheap to any craft room buy cialis shop tadalafil or baby room!!!

Brain Drain

Today I am suffering from utter and complete brain drain.

After working on the blog revamp last night, and do the website revamp today, my brain is a giant blob of mush right now.

I had planned on starting a new plush today, but am leaving it for tomorrow so I can give it my all; plus the fact that I had to get Mr.

Plush to stop at the fabric store after work to pick up some supplies.

Thank goodness for a man that is comfortable buy kamagra buy buy Buy tricor online cialis line cialis today picking up fabric with pride!!

Tonight will be spent at my aunts, teaching her and Buy Cialis Professional Online her business partners the importance of social media when it comes to small business buy generic levitra online these days. We will be delving into blogs and facebooks and twitters oh my!

Instead of sewing this afternoon I spent a big chunk of it losing my way around the web and came across a bunch of awesome buy viagra in san diego | buy cialis tadalafil at horizon drugs | cheap levitra online on CRAFT: which led me to this awesome shop that got bombarded cialis cheap by her shop showing up on Boing Boing today and is now sold out of everything. I cannot buy levitra vardenafil wait for her to restock so I can pick up the awesomeness!

Bloggy Makeover

I gave the blog a cute makeover today!

Tomorrow I am gonna start on isoptin the rest of the website, I figure it’s time for a whole new look. I discovered COLOURlovers last week, and found a gorgeous colour palette that just shouted at me. It doesn’t really buy n viagra | buy cialis buy cialis overseas without prescription buy cialis daily use | cheap levitra buy have a name, buy cialis domain as the maker called it: (???) but I fell in love with it, and that is what colours I used to do the revamp. buy viagra alternative You can see the check out the palette too;

the colours rock!

I also got one step closer to my plushy goal today and made a super buy Buy Female Viagra Online cheap acomplia cheap where to buy cialis without prescription zithromax cute sunshine and listed it too.


Now to tweak the blog some more and brainstorm for tomorrow!


I am aiming for at least 6 new plush buy generic viagra viagra out by the end of February; this will be on top of making lots of stock for crafts shows.

Yesterday Miss buy cialis levitra online Prednisone Online cialis BunBun LaRoux went up on Etsy, and today I added a Spanish buy pfizer viagra online | buy cialis pills online | buy levitra vardenafil generic cialis online levitra online Green Olive to the shop as well!

That’s two buy cheap brand viagra down and four buy levitra drugs to go!!! Buy tenormin online Tonight and tomorrow I am going to work on some sunshine, and make some more blueberries as the only one

I made already sold!

Spanish Green Olive